Visit Sausalito, San Francisco, your Next Best Travel Destination for a unique Homestay

In San Francisco, there is a town named Sausalito where the people there have adopted a new housing style that is out of the ordinary. These people live in floating homes that add up to 400 with all the basic necessities that are found in the usual homes. With cable television as well as sewage systems, the inhabitants of the floating homes lead lives that are similar to those of those who live on solid land.

Living on the floating homes is an expensive venture and these homes go for a lot more than the ones on the land. There is extra maintenance that is required to be able to keep the houses in good shape due to the weather conditions that make them more vulnerable to the elements. They require constant upgrading as well as a more regular coat of paint so as to remain in good shape over time.

The people who choose to live on the floating homes do it more as a life choice since not everyone would be comfortable living there. It is an awesome experience living in the midst of nature with a view of the most natural scenes all around. Several units are put up every year and there is no shortage of people who wish to take them up. Living on the floating homes is more of a choice lifestyle and it comes with its own challenges as well.


At certain times of the year the people who live on the mainland will take a guided tour around the floating homes and are treated to art shows among other unique treats. The visitors are taken round the homes and learn all they need to know about living on the waterfront. This is quite an experience similar to the bubbly community of the 1800′s when shipbuilders and other folks resided on different kinds of boats easily fastened in San Francisco Bay.


The Sausalito homes are now more organized with all the modern utilities adding up to the experience of living on water. This goes for a very exciting way of life and is quite an envy of most land dwellers. Complete with parking bays for the residents on the private docks, the floating homes can be viewed from the mainland even though the whole stretch of homes may not be seen.


Those who do not have the chance to live there can get a chance to have a feel of the floating homes by renting the houses that are on offer for rent. This offers one a chance to be able to experience life on the floating homes albeit for a short period of time. The experience of watching nature from the home and the life that goes on uninterrupted amidst other creatures that live in the water is quite an experience in itself. This is the reason that many of the people who live there would not imagine living anywhere else out of the place.


This is a major attraction for people from all over the US all who desire to find out how it is like living afloat of water. It is for this reason that the annual fairs whereby visitors book to go around the homes take place to be able to gratify the curiosity of those who cannot otherwise imagine how life is like living on floating homes.


The community of people who live in the floating homes is one close knit society since they share so much together and lean towards being nature lovers with common interests. Aside of the usual tragedies such as fires that befall the people living on land, the floating homes are a great idea of people living in tune with nature and in harmony. It is for this reason that more and more people desire to take up the units that are put up every year.


The whole idea of floating homes is a very innovative one and still holds some mystery for some. Anyone who has not been to the floating homes of Sausalito cannot even begin to imagine how they look as well as how the people who live there are able to bear the feel of floating on water as a way of life.


Having your own Vacation Home

The housing market in the United States is finally on the rebound. Sales for primary residences are increasing and sales of second homes are also on the rise. There has been a recent focus on the market of the multi-purpose use of second homes. Second homes are used primarily as vacation homes. However, second homes also help homeowners with their businesses. Many business people find second homes to be a great place to generate new business ideas and find new inspirations. It is also a to-go place for entertainment and building deeper relationships with business contacts. Kids can also have a great time playing their favorite video games, far away from their piles of books.

The first reason homeowners should consider buying a second home is to have a designed vacation house and location. With a designated vacation destination, homeowners take the time to build more vacation time into their schedules. No one wants to own a home they do not use! When you own your vacation home, you are able to personalize your vacation home to your needs. You can create a custom kitchen that has all the appliances and tools you need to relax. You can create custom areas that fit your needs, such as glass sunrooms, libraries and spacious outdoor pools. Every time you go on vacation, you know that your relaxation needs will be meet.

The second reason homeowners should buy a vacation home is because many business people find them to be great places to generate new business ideas. Sometimes while living our day-to-day lives, we become busy and consumed with checking off our to do list and do not take time to stop and relax. Vacation homes allow business people the opportunity to stop, relax and reflect. The relaxing environment of a vacation home allows new ideas to flourish. Many successful business people find vacation homes to be the source of new ideas and products for their companies.


Third, vacation homes offer a relaxing environment to host, entertain and build deeper connections with business contacts. Everyone enjoys being able to take a vacation. When you buy a large vacation home with plenty of extra relaxing bedrooms and beautiful bathrooms, it allows you to invite business contacts to take a vacation with you. Just as a vacation home helps homeowners find new inspiration, it will help guests find new inspiration and ideas as well. Have a relaxing time with a cup of wine on the patio after a great dinner, or while out golfing on the nearby golf course together. Everyone can leave the vacation both invigorated and full of new ideas to put to work.

Lastly, kids can have a great time at the vacation homes too! It will be a child’s heaven to have a room filled with gaming consoles and computers for them to play their favorite Mobile Legends game. Vacation homes can be your most convenient travel destination with everything carefully designed to suit your needs and liking. You can also save the time packing luggages since all the items that you and your family will need for the trip is already available at the vacation home.

With vacation homes being the multi-purpose destinations for homeowners, don’t they seem like the best investment option for all? It’s a place where you can relax, generate new business ideas and entertain and build important relationships with business contacts. Don’t discount the value that comes with owning a second home.